Deepika Padukone looks for Personality in Men

The adage once bitten twice shy sure seems to have taught actress Deepika Padukone a lesson.

The actress who was very open about her relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor, soon after she set her foot in filmdom, has now decided to lie low and keep her personal life out of the public eye.

Though Deepika and Ranbir decided to be open about their relationship, there came a point when people only wanted to know what was happening in her personal life and that is when she decided to put a full stop.

“I do feel that when you are in the industry, it is very difficult for two actors to be in a relationship. Insecurities, constant travelling, and hectic schedules — it gets very difficult to keep up with it. Also if the guy and girl are somewhere in the same level, competition also comes in. It’s a very tricky territory,” she says.

While she is talking about the problems that come with being a celebrity, she also admits that talking about her relationship and putting it out there in the open was something she shouldn’t have done.

“I do agree that it was a mistake talking about my relationship in public. Today also because whatever you do is written about and publicised everywhere, whether it is a dinner or your flying out somewhere, everything is talked about. When Ranbir and I were seeing each other and there was so much buzz about the two of us being together that somewhere we said that let’s just talk about it because there really was nothing to hide. But when we came out clean, so much was being written and said all the time, whether we went out, fought or didn’t, his parents said something, my family did something, and a lot of it was created and that causes a lot of stress on a couple and their relationship and it is unnecessary,” she adds.

Refusing to talk about her relationship status currently, Deepika says she’d choose a man with a personality over good looks.

“Personality first for sure. There are so many men who I have seen and thought that they are so good looking, but when you go up to them and the minute they open their mouth it is like ‘okay thank you, never mind. I shouldn’t have spoken in the first place.’ But it is really ones personality that stands out. And I am not even talking about intelligence here.”